July 2020
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A Little Class

A few years ago, I was contemplating Endarkenment and what might be done about it when I experienced a little epiphany. I saw the root cause of the Endarkenment for the first time, and it was immediately obvious the general method by which it might be torn up and burned out. I thought, no one is going to believe this.

(For reasons I’m not going to go into here, I haven’t spent much time working on detailing or communicating my method for rekindling Enlightenment culture. So far, the most I’ve said (publicly, anyhow) was to suggest that the rekindling will begin with higher men withdrawing their sanction from the status quo.)

As I have thought about how to begin to communicate my method, I have found myself revisiting old questions: What is a philosopher? Why are there so few philosophers? Why are the kinds of ideas philosophers trade in so difficult to communicate?

This revisiting has been due to the nature of my rhetorical challenge: I want to communicate directly to other philosophers, but philosophers are not, I think, used to being addressed directly. Philosophers are not, I think, generally aware that they constitute a class.

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