August 2021

The Handoff of ’93

Gee, Google’s n-gram database is interesting.

Philosophy Nerd Glee

My copy of The DIM Hypothesis arrived today!

Do We, Now?

On a whim, I started watching the live stream of the Republican National Convention just moments ago. I was well rewarded:

“And we have the ingénue-ity [sic] to develop alternative sources of energy too.” — Condoleezza Rice.

Impervious to Evidence

Turns out it’s serious business when someone is wrong on the internet …

Two friends build a wind-powered car that travels directly downwind faster than the wind. It’s a neat case study in bias.

The World Cup

For several years I was mildly curious about soccer. It seemed odd that the whole world but the U.S. followed the sport fanatically. I made it a point to catch a game or two on TV, to see if I was missing something.

Years later, my curiosity had shifted. I no longer wondered why […]

Capitalists, Note Well

[Hayek] argues that markets generally do not reward “merit.” That is, the people who become wealthy in the marketplace do not do so, for the most part, because they are somehow “better” people than those who are not as wealthy. [Merit is] not what the market rewards. The market rewards the creation of […]

It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

Ruben Bolling attempts irony through hyperbole, fails.

A Sense of Proportion

The chancellor at Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis has apologized for accusing a janitor there of “racial harassment.”

Some are no doubt unsatisfied with the university’s apology, thinking it too little, too late. I think we should not get ahead of ourselves. We must maintain a sense of proportion here. Calling for the resignation of all key figures involved, or anything like that, would be inappropriate.

No, if the university were serious about redressing its mistake, not only would every official responsible for the accusation, the lateness of the apology, or its obvious insincerity be asked for his resignation, but all of the following measures would be implemented as well:

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Public Service Announcement

“Nietzsche” does not rhyme with “peachy.”

That is all.

Some Interesting Questions

Billy Beck, whose essential thinking on the War on Terror I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to distil from his writing, asked some good questions back in June.

However interesting his questions are, he’s yet to seriously consider the crucial one: does liberty have a dog in this fight? Or: […]