Slush Mugs

There’s this box I haven’t unpacked sitting just out of reach. Its top is partway open. I can see there’s a “Slush Mug” in there. If you don’t know what a “Slush Mug” is, that sucks for you. The product of a “Slush Mug” is delicious.

Between me and the slush mug box there’s a stack of books that I really want to get into. I don’t see that happening this week or next.

These facts, and others, indicate that finishing some of the projects I’ve got open here is a way off.

One thought on “Slush Mugs”

  1. You just reminded me I have one of these hanging around this compound somewhere. Skip the books for now. Go straight to the Slush Mug. The time of year for it grows nigh. It and chocolate cake out of a mug might just be a great combination!

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