Hillary Versus America: Part IX — An Interlude in Video

If one can view the following three videos synoptically, no more is necessary to understand why Hillary Clinton must not be president:

First, she is the avatar of oligarchic status quo:

(Note: this video confuses democracy and small-“r” republicanism, and the solutions it suggests are sophomoric and doomed to failure. But focus on the illustration of the problem, and let these failings pass.)

Second, oligarchy is the natural tendency of all rulership. A second Clinton presidency will, without question, accelerate this “progress” in America:

Third, men long dead saw right through her, which should have you asking: why can’t you manage it?

If these don’t help you see why she must be kept from power, I probably can’t help you either. In which case: Enjoy your berth in the gulags, comrade!

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